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A way for us to give back to our customers is to let them speak and be featured in their own words and images about the services of Chassis, Tuning, Engine Building and Racing Fabrication from the teams we provide for and the accomplishments of those who have used our services and gained in all aspects of their performance needs on the strip and street with Precision, Performance, Reliability, and Satisfaction. J & E Performance gives you our Customer / Clients Testimonials.

Customer Bill Verzilli Hooking Hard  
Bill & Sue Verzilli
1969 Camaro
Class: 8.50 Index Drag Racing
Having known Joe Newsham and Ed Harper for over 20 years, we have had the rare privilege to watch not only their business grow, but also their experience, skill, knowledge and technique. All one has to do is watch Joe's Outlaw 10.5 Mustang that dominated the 2008 season and you'll know that you're working with two people who know how to make a car run fast, straight and win..... regardless of what class you race in.

J & E strives for perfection and their attention to detail sets them apart from every other performance shop in the area. It's not often you find a shop owner that not only does top notch work and listens to what the customer wants, but also never hesitates to help a fellow racer at the track. Whether it be tuning, helping to fix a car, advice.... anything. Joe & Ed always step up and help out. And their customers appreciate it!
Bill, Sue and "Billy Jr." Verzilli

John Campbell Uses J & E Performance For All His Needs To Run The 12.0 Index Drag Racing Class  
John "Unk" Campbell
Berlin, New Jersey
1964 Chevy Nova
Class: 12.0 Index Drag Racing
My Nova is J&E Peformance all the way, from engine build, transmission, and suspension roll cage and more, my nephew Joe and his partner Ed Harper have made my Index car the best it can be. It runs perfect and has more power than I need but when I really let it loose it just flat out screams down the track. Joe got me interested watching him race, now he's my hero.

Lou Denny's Radical 8.50 Index and Early Quick 8 Chevelle Relies On J & E Performance Power For Over Eight Years  
Lou Denny
New Jersey
1970 Chevelle
Class: 8.50 Index Drag Racing
I have been a customer of J&E performance for 8 or more years. Joe and Ed have done everything from chassis fabrication to rear end rebuilds over the years. My 8.50 index car is an example of his craftsmanship and set-up skills, this car has never had any problems from the day it was completed. The ladder bar installation and set-up has the car hooked on the worst of tracks. The car weighs 3500 lbs. and has run 1.25 60ft. and 8.50s @158 mph times on 29.5x10.5 stiff tire (non-"W"). Not too shabby.

Mark Bowen Using J&E Performance To Win In 8.50 Index Drag Racing Series  
Mark Bowen
New Jersey
1970 Nova
Class: 8.50 Index Drag Racing
This car was formerly an Original Quick 8 Ride, Joe and Ed have made my car reliable and a winner in the new 8.50 Index racing,. From top to bottom J & E Performance has done the engine, chassis and tuning, Joe and Ed Are always there to help at every race. The nitrous tune on my big block chevy, suspension tuning, and safe roll cage make this car hook hard all the time.

The Big Block Powered Nova Of Carey Cable Sr. Launching To Another Index Racing Victory.  An NSCA Champion  
Carey Cable Sr.
New Jersey
1972 Nova
Class: 10.0 Index Drag Racing
Many thanks to Joe and Ed at J&E !! They helped me set up my 72 Nova from the begining. I purchased my current motor 468 steel headed Big Block Chevy from J & E four years ago. The bottom end is untouched with about 450-500 runs on it. I've raced various 10.0 index series with this motor for the past four seasons only missing one race, It's one solid powerful piece they put together.

I've compiled these accomplishments with J&E Power; 2006 Atco's 10.0 index points champ, 2007 Cecil County Outlaw Uprising Index class event winner, 2007 NSCA event winner, 2009 Atco's 10.0 index #2 in points. Thanks to J&E this car will see the winners circle again!

Standout Drag Radial Champion and Record Holder Alex Vrettos Of CoRuPt Motorsports With The J&E Performance Winning Edge  
Alex Vrettos "TEam CoRuPt" Motorsports
2000 Cobra Mustang
Springfield NJ
Class: Outlaw Drag Radial / Real Street
J&E has done tons of work to my car, from chassis to engine "they do it all" My engine program has picked up and performed perfect since we enlisted the help from J&E 5 yrs ago allowing us to capture these titles.
Multi time Cecil County Outlaw Drag Radial winner 2008 & 2009, Multi time MIR Real Street winner 2008, Outlaw Drag Radial World Record Holder 2008, 1st radial car to run 7.30s, 1st radial car to run 160mph + in the 1/8th, low 7s @ 207+, I wouldn't be where I am at today if it wasn't for Joe and Ed at J&E Performance.

Brad Harris And Team In The Winners Circle At Atco Raceway  
Brad "BADSUV" Harris
2003 Outlaw 10.5 Mustang "Bullet"
New Jersey
Class: Outlaw 10.5 / Quick 8's
J&E Performance has always pulled through for me when I was in a pinch, from converter adjustments, transmission repairs, to minor fabrication work. Our family is also proud to be the points sponsor for the J&E Performance Quick 8's at Atco Raceway

Mark Plucinski Powers Out Of The Hole With J&E Power Running Both Atco Raceways 10.0 Index and Ram Racing's All Motor Index Series  
Mark Plucinski / aka "SVT_GT"
1992 All Motor Mustang
New Jersey
Class: 10.0 Index / Ram Racing AMI Index
Joe built me a wicked SBF in July of 06; it has approximately 200 passes on it and has never missed a beat while I run the car heavily in many series. It is the best motor I have ever owned and powerful. Joe and Ed also mini-tubbed my Mustang and there work was flawless and performance gain was more than expected to rack up my season accomplishments like these Below.

Atco Raceways 2007 C2itEnterprises10.0 Index Points Champion, 2007 Ram Racings AMI #2 in Points, 2008 #3 in C2itEnterprises 10.0 Points Series, 2009 Currently #3 in points series 10.0 index, & won our last outing. Currently Joe is building me a new motor and I'm sure it will be built with the pride and dedication the one in the car now was built with.

Allen Mcdonough Firing Off A Pass In His J&E Performance Modded SBC Mazda RX7, Wheels Up And Flying  
Allen Mcdonough aka. "1-Bad Import"
Cedarbrook, NJ
1987 Mazda RX7 SBC
Class: 8.50 Index Drag Racing
Joe and Ed from J&E Performance are class acts all the way in my book. I wish I would've run across these two guys sooner as it would've saved me time, money and aggravation. Everyone rides the bandwagon when things are going great but what sets these guys apart are there loyalty to customers when the going gets rough. They have gone out of there way on many occasions to provide me with any help I needed.

I'm on my 3rd motor now from J&E they did the round tube back half, moly cage, 4link, rear, antiroll bar ect on my 8.50 index car as well as the motor (1987 Mazda RX7 with a 404 cu SBC on a 2 stage speed tech plate) and currently the 383 SBC going in a mustang notchback for 10.0 index. My 23* SBC has been 8.29@165 on a plate. Not bad for a bracket motor.

Rob Gandy Screams Out Of The Burnout Box At Atco Raceway  
Rob Gandy
Mantua / Williamstown, NJ
Class: N/T Grudge Racing
J&E Performance has built me two trouble free nitrous small block Fords, and I can't throw there name out there enough, I have nothing but good things to say about Joe & Ed and their service.
If you want to go fast call J&E Performance.

Anthony Gravino aka. "Vino350"
West Deptford, NJ.
Drag Radial S-10 Project, 71 Nova 10.0 Index Car, 74 Datsun 240Z 12.0 Index Ride
Class: 10.0 Index / 12.0 Index Drag Racing
Engine Building, Racing Transmissions, Rearend Work, Nitrous Fills, Race Fuel, Welding And Fabrication are some of the services I've had done through J&E.

First time I was looking to go fast I was told to go see Joe and Ed and J&E Performance in Blackwood, NJ. I went over and talked to Joe about building a motor to beat a friend of mine "Butch". Joe built me a very nice SBC Bullet, and I have had Joe and Ed do many other things that I've needed done over the years. Joe and Ed have a performance customer for life!

Our S10 Drag Radial Project With Help From J&E Performance
Our Drag Radial S-10 Project

Our 1971 Nova Runnig In The Index Class At Atco Raceway
The 71 Nova 10.0 Index Car

The Street Sleeper 12.0 Index 240Z with A Small Block Chevy
Our 74 Datsun 240Z 12.0 Index Ride

Greg Merritt Burning Up The Hides Making Ready For a Pass In His Small Block Nova  
Greg Merritt aka. "gmracing355"
Lindenwold, NJ.
1972 Nova
Class: 10.0 Index and Bracket Drag Racing
J&E originally built my 72 nova for a customer of theirs, I was lucky enough to purchase it many years later. I try to do alot of the work myself, but Joe and Ed have helped me on many parts of the project. They rebuilt my old 355 small block which went a 10.89 at 123 on motor. They did the wiring install of my painless switch panel and all of the accessories.

Joe and Ed also redid the back section of the cage to put a back seat in the car, as I drive it alot on the street. They are always there to answer all of the questions I have asked and trust me there were alot. I have been friends with Joe and Ed for 20 years and in that time I've seen alot of the same from my end, they are always there to help someone out. When everything is done this car will compete in Atco heads up 10.0 index racing and bracket racing.

Thanks Again,
Greg Merritt

Brendan Mills Powers Out Of The Hole With His Vortech Supercharged Mustang In The 10.0 Index Series At Atco Raceway  
Brendan Mills
1992 Mustang
Deptford, NJ.
Class: 10.0 Index Drag Racing
I've known Joe and Ed at J&E for nearly 20 years. I have seen these two guys grow into a top notch business and no one deserves it more than they do. Joe and Ed dedicate ten hours or more a day to their customers then work countless hours into the night on their own racecar. My Mustang has a 404 ci Vortech superchared SBF in it and has been running strong and is on its third season in many index racing series. J&E Also did the suspension and F.A.S.T. DFI tuned by Chris Cline from Injection Connection.

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